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Omnixie® Nixie Clocks


Omnixie® Nixie Tube Clock

Omnixie Tube clock

Omnixie® Plus Nixie Tube Clock

Omnixie Plus Nixie tube Clock

    Black ‘n’ Wood Nixie Tube Clock

     Black 'n' Wood Nixie tube clock

    Divergence Meter

    Divergence Meter Nixie tube Clock

    VFD Tube Clocks

    IV-11 VFD Tube Clock

    IV11 VFD clock


    Chinese 简体中文:

    IV-18 VFD Tube Clock

    IV18 VFD tube clock

    Nixie DC High Voltage Power Supply






    Discontinued Products

    QS18-12 NIXIE tube Clock (Discontinued)

    IV-22 VFD Tube Module (Discontinued)

    IN-14(IN-8) Nixie tube Clock  (Discontinued)

    VFD Clock YS13-3 (Discontinued)

    LED Clock Graphic 5×7-1×6 (Discontinued)

    Nixie Clock QS30-1 (Discontinued)

    QS30-1 nixie clock