How to Test your Omnixie and Omnixie Plus clocks

In addition to the rich features of Omnixie and Omnixie Plus clocks, we also added some “secret” remote key combinations to test or reset the clocks.

Tube Test

First things first, we test all the tubes before shipping to make sure they work properly. To do this, you will need to key in the following codes on the remote.

OFF 8378 OK

Let me explain. First the clock should be turned off by pressing the “Pwr” button at the top left corner of the remote. Then press 8328, meaning “test”, followed by the “OK” button.

Now the clock should display 000000. Press the arrow keys, < or >, will change the display to 111111, 222222, … 999999. 

To exit the test mode, press “Cancel” button.

List of the Secret Codes for Testing Omnixie/Omnixie Plus Clocks

All the secret codes are listed below. 

  • Tube Test: OFF 8328 OK (8328=TEST)
  • Reset all settings to factory: OFF 9434 OK
  • Reset all settings except WiFi to factory: OFF 4648 OK (4648=INIT)

List of the Secret Codes for Changing Tube Types of Omnixie Clocks

You can also use similar methods to change tube types, when you actually changed the tubes to different types. These ONLY work for Omnixie Clocks, NOT Omnixie Plus clocks.

  • Change to IN-14 tubes: OFF 882309 OK
  • Change to IN-8-2 tubes: OFF 882308 OK
  • Change to Z570M tubes: OFF 882319 OK
  • Change to ZM1080 tubes: OFF 882324 OK
  • Change to NL5441 tubes: OFF 882300 OK
  • Change to NL841 tubes: OFF 882313 OK

Note: The actual tubes in use on the clock have to match the settings. Otherwise, it may damage the clock, which is NOT covered under warranty.