Notes to International Buyers

Dear International Buyers (outside of the USA),

When placing orders, please pay attention to the following tips to make sure your orders will be delivered to your door smoothly.

  1. Your shipping address needs to be in English. Most of the express carriers will ONLY ship to addresses in English.
  2. BOTH your email and phone number are required by the carriers, especially for express shipping.
  3. For certain countries (for example, south Korea), the customs require a personal customs code for customs clearance purposes. If your country has such requirements, please provide your customs code after placing orders.
  4. Please add "" to your trusted email list, as we may need to contact you for any missing information when needed.
  5. Your order may come in separate packages, from our warehouses in the US, China or Poland. 
  6. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you!