Update firmware for Omnixie clock series

You can update the firmware yourself if you feel comfortable.

The latest version is v1.3.7 as of July 6th, 2019.

Change List of v1.3.7 (non-critical update)

1. Speak 12AM in midnight incorrectly as 12PM. Fixed.
2. LEDs will randomly light up when powered on if LEDs are setup to “Always OFF”.
3. For Menu 4 “Set Interval of Date Display”, IR remote can only set 0-9, but it should be 0-60.

The following procedure applies to all Omnixie and Omnixie Plus clock series.

What you’ll need for the update:

  1. a USB-to-Serial adapter (those with CP210x chip are recommended)
  2. Four pieces of jumper wires.
  3. 2mm hex allen wrench


  • Disconnect the power cord from the Omnixie clock.
  • Unplug all the tubes from the clock.
  • Use a 2mm hex wrench, loose and remove all the screws on the bottom of the Omnixie clock.
  • Carefully remove the wood frame.
  • On the bottom of the lower PCB board, locate the 4-hole upgrade port, indicated in the image below.
    • Pin 1: GND. the oval-shaped one to the right, closest to the mounting hole.
    • Pin 2: RX
    • Pin 3: TX
    • Pin 4: VCC (5V)


Connect these 4 holes to a USB-to-SERIAL adapter.

Download the Flash Tool (for Microsoft Windows ONLY)

Unzip it to get the exe file.

Follow the procedures shown in the video below. (For unknown reasons, the video quality is not good. Will fix it ASAP.)


  1. Connect RX from the USB-to-SERIAL adapter to the TX on the clock
  2. Connect TX from the USB-to-SERIAL adapter to the RX on the clock
  3. Connect GND from the USB-to-SERIAL adapter to the GND on the clock
  4. DO NOT connect VCC yet.
  5. Plug in the USB-to-SERIAL adapter to your Windows computer, and make sure the driver is properly installed.
  6. Run the Flash Tool.exe
  7. Select the correct COM port for your adapter.
  8. Click “Start”.
  9. Now, connect VCC from the USB-to-SERIAL adapter to the VCC on the clock
  10. In the software, the flashing process should automatically proceed.
  11. Wait for a few minutes for the process to finish.
  12. Done.

If everything goes well, this is what you should see this.

The core of the software is provided by STC and only has Chinese version. Sorry for the inconvenience.