What does "Omnixie" stand for?

We came up with the term "Omnixie" back in Nov 2017 for our newly designed nixie clock at the time. 

Omnixie is a combination of omni and nixie.

From Merriam Webster dictionary, omni- means all and universally. 


That is to say, we'd like our new nixie clock to be feature-rich.

While we added WiFi connectivity, easily swappable tubes, wood and metal enclosure, True Tone time speaking and many more features, we still managed to keep the clock slim and elegant, merely 6mm thick for the clock base.



We love our nixie clock so much, as well as the name "Omnixie". So we registered it as a trademark in the US and China.


In May 2019, we released the Omnixie Plus, a different flavor of our original Omnixie clocks, with larger Nixie tubes (IN-18, Z5660M, Z566M, ZM1040, ZM1042). 


The Omnixie family will keep growing for sure in the future. So stay tuned.